Hero Complex Gallery

Holiday 2019 Mystery Tube Sale

For those who don't know about our annual tube sales....you receive 4 PRINTS FOR $60 (domestic) and $75 (international) SHIPPED!  All tubes will contain a random mix of treasures that include hand-selected prints from all of the artists we work with and could include:

    • Legendary SOLD OUT Prints
    • Glow in the Dark/GID Prints
    • Blacklight Prints
    • 1/1's
    • Foil Prints
    • Metallic Ink Prints
    • Star-signed Prints
    • Artist-signed Prints
    • Director-signed Prints
    • Personal Collection Prints
    • Scratch & Dent Prints
    • Archive Prints
    • Unreleased Prints
    • & MORE!


We will also be RANDOMLY INSERTING STICKERS OR PINS INTO EVERY SINGLE TUBE, so be sure to look under the caps of your tubes to see if you got a pin in your tube!


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