Todd Alcott

"The Pulp Tarot" by Todd Alcott

This project has been a very long time aborning. I've been interested in the Tarot as both an oracle and as a piece of design for decades. Back in the 1980s, I started to design a new deck, painting huge new images based on the artistic trends of the day. Soon, the enormity of the task overwhelmed me and I abandoned it. More recently, my visual art has been centered around creating new work based on midcentury designs, incorporating and manipulating existing images from 20th-century pop culture with an emphasis on the startling, dynamic paintings of classic pulp fiction covers. The Pulp Tarot expands upon that work, taking 70 years of pop-culture ephemera and putting it into a Photoshop Cuisinart to create a new Tarot deck that approaches the classic images of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck from the point of view of this modern cultural blender. Inspiration for the cards is drawn from everything from late 19th-century dime novels to 1970s exploitation movie posters, creating a rich, complex conversation between the arcane symbols of the Tarot and the sensationalist world of the pulps. This is a COMPLETE DECK, all 78 cards, plus a booklet describing my choices and process.  - Todd Alcott


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