Scott Park

"Dogs and Cats Living Together" by Scott Park

  • Inspired by Hook and Ladder 8
  • Fine Art Giclee Print
  • Limited Edition of 125
  • Approximately 18" x 24"

"When I think about it, Ghostbusters is probably what made me first love New York. Like most kids, my first exposure to New York was in movies. And sure I had seen a bunch of movies set in New York before, but there was something about a group of scientists catching ghosts and fighting ancient demigods that, ironically, made New York feel real to me. It was the first time a got a taste of it’s real personality, character and resilience. As a kid I saw that New York was a city that could have the undead rise and giant marshmallow man stomp down it’s streets and just shrug it off and say 'Yeah. So what?' That when shit got real New Yorkers didn’t crumble. They got to work."

- Scott Park

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