Heather Theurer

"We're All Mad Here" by Heather Theurer

  • Inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice
  • Lithograph
  • Limited Edition of 1000
  • Approximately 10" x 20"



Heather Theurer Artist Bio

Looking back over the past twenty years, Heather Theurer has realized that her life has passed much like the surreal representation of her most recent painting of the iconic film Alice in Wonderland titled “We’re All Mad Here”. A new adventure has popped up at every twist and turn in the road—one of the most exciting ones being the opportunity to work with Disney developing lifelike recreations of their beloved characters. Mostly self-taught, Heather has dedicated her career to a constant, observant learning process, which has lead her art into multiple genres, awarded her efforts with national and international honors, and garnered clientele around the world. To view her deep and varied portfolio, please visit www.heathertheurer.com.

© Disney


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