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Glen Brogan

"Et tu, Baird?" by Glen Brogan

  • Hail, Caesar! Movie Premier Poster
  • Fine Art Print 
  • Limited Edition of 60
  • Approximately 24" x 16"

"I'm not sure you can appreciate movies on any level and not be a fan of the Coen Brothers. The movie that really cemented me as a huge fan of their comedies in particular was "O Brother, Where Art thou?" To this day it may be the most fun my family as a group has ever had in the theater. (We even went to see the touring concert of the movie's music, which was amazing.) So how could I not jump at the chance to work with them and create artwork for "Hail Caesar?" It's a pretty big item on any artist's dream-job check list. I really enjoyed getting to draw all the actors, and I always love creating poster-style layouts and coming up with different ways to feature the characters across the canvas."

- Glen Brogan



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