• HCG Private Evening Event - Jan 16, 2016 - Hero Complex Gallery
HCG Private Evening Event - Oct 29, 2016

HCG Private Evening Event - Oct 29, 2016

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Special HCG Evening Event - Dinner, Screening, & Print Release!

Ticket must be purchased to reserve your spot.  


Saturday, October 29th, 7:00pm - 10pm


2020 South Robertson Blvd, Studio D

Los Angeles, CA  90034



Q: Why so secretive?

A: You'll see


Q: Why $5 Tickets?

A: Space is limited, we want to assure your attendance...


Q: Late Arrivals?

A: No late arrivals - Doors close at 7:00pm, no exceptions


Q: Do I need to Bring Anything?

A: Yes, this is a BYOCC Event (Bring Your Own Comfortable Chair!)  


Q: What else do I get?

A: Come to find out, HOWEVER, anyone who participates in this event gets preferential treatment on subsequent events.  


Q:  Can I purchase more than 1 per order?

A:  You can purchase a max of 2 per person for this event.  


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