Benedict Woodhead & Chris Koehler

"The Bride is Back" by Benedict Woodhead & Chris Koehler

  • Fine Art Giclee Print
  • Limited Edition of 135
  • Approximately 24" x 18"

“I’ll take any opportunity to collaborate with Benedict, he’s one of my favorite artists and I love his concepts. When he hit me with an idea for a Kill Bill diptych, I was immediately on board. The tricky part was finding a horror one sheet that was as fitting and iconic as his pairing of Evil Dead with Kill Bill Volume 2. After lots of googling and bad ideas, I realized how perfectly Matthew Peak’s Nightmare on Elm Street fit. It also turns out that by pure coincidence, the composition and theme matched Benedict’s perfectly. It was meant to be!” - Chris Koehler


"I think the idea came to me just over a year ago when I was watching KB2. The buried alive scene is incredibly dramatic, horrific and iconic.

I instantly thought it would be cool to merge that scene with the brilliant original Evil Dead poster in the form of an homage to that iconic design.

I then spoke to Chris about my idea to get his opinion, he loved it and from there we both thought that a horror-inspired KB set would be great!

We just had to make sure that both posters had that instant recognition of the iconic horror posters we were making homages to.

Because I had already decided to design an homage to The Evil Dead, Chris had the difficult job to see if he could creatively fit KB vol.1 into another iconic horror movie poster design! But of course he could. And he did!

Chris eventually arrived at the iconic NOES movie poster. It fits perfectly with KB vol.1.

Now that we had decided on our 2 horror homage posters, we realized that there was a common theme running through both posters… Beatrix is coming back to life, waking up, resurrecting!” - Benedict Woodhead


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