Robin Springett

"I'm Here to Rescue You!" by Robin Springett

  • Fine Art Giclee Print
  • Limited Edition of 350
  • Approximately 17" x 11"


"This original still life oil painting by Robin Springett is inspired by the epic Space Opera, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. This is the first in what I hope will become a series of paintings celebrating the iconic props of the Star Wars franchise.

For this piece I have chosen items that mark the beginning of Luke Skywalker's journey to become a Jedi Knight. On the left we have Luke's hat and goggles next to a cup of blue milk in the centre. These represent the background of Luke's story as a farm hand and his family life with his aunt and uncle. On the left of the foreground is the restraining bolt Luke removed from R2, freeing the droid and leading to his encounter with Obi Wan. In the centre of the painting is the lightsaber that was gifted to Luke in this meeting. The Training Remote sits on the right hand side of the picture symbolising his introduction to the use of this more civilised weapon. Finally in the right hand foreground is the medal Luke received for his decisive role in the battle of Yavin.

All of this sits on a dejarik table, an arena for conflict between forces of light and dark.

The props in this painting took quite some time to assemble and come from a variety of sources. The restraining bolt was perhaps the simplest as a straightforward 3D print I painted to look like metal. The lightsaber was a 3D print from a wonderful model designed by Gordon Tarpley however in addition to painting this model I also cast some elements in clear resin for better effect.

The training remote was perhaps my favourite model in the painting as I have always wanted one of these. It was constructed from two plastic hemispheres which were drilled and decorated with pieces of plasticard and small 3D elements before painting and weathering.

The medal was a 3D print but the ribbon on it is a genuine vintage military tie as used on the original prop. The plastic cup is also a vintage item of the correct type. The hat and goggles are modern reproductions that have been adjusted to appear accurate to the movie.

-- Robin Springett

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