Robin Springett

"Tasty Burger" by Robin Springett

  • Fine Art Giclee Print
  • Limited Edition of 350
  • Approximately 17" x 11"


"All of my paintings have been created in my Northamptonshire studio in oils on a rigid support. A grisaille underpainting was painted first in a traditional style before colour was added.

Now that is a tasty burger! Inspired by the Quentin Tarantino's highly quotable crime movie: Pulp Fiction, this painting is a montage of props and themes from the iconic film. From the five dollar shake (now a reasonable price!) to Jules' Wallet and the Jack Rabbit Slim's burger (or is it a Royale with Cheese?).

Red Apple tobacco is a long running brand in Tarantino movies and I knew I wanted to include it in this painting. I used photos of an actual prop to recreate my packet from scratch.

I made a lot more items for this painting that never made it into the final composition: a silver pistol with pearl grips, a pocket watch, Big Kahuna cup to name but a few. At the end of the day the props have to support the painting and some props just don’t make the cut.

-- Robin Springett

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